Your Journey to Resetting your Health and Living Better

They say knowing your destiny is the first step towards achieving it. Keeping your body fit and healthy is a journey that has only one destiny, a long healthy and happy life. 

Life long Health Notes

During my travels around the world, I have had the unique opportunity to experience life as an expat. Having clocked thousands of hours of social meet ups with people from different cultures. When it comes to food, that people who enjoyed long healthy lives are the ones who adopt healthy foods early on in life. By healthy foods I am pointing towards foods that are grown, packaged and handled in a traditional way free from chemicals, fertilizers, insecticide sprays, free from GMO or any artificial preservative contents.

Nutrition Vs. Calories

The science of healthy living usually tells us to watch our daily calorie intake. Generally speaking, as long as we can incorporate certain food groups in our diets, we can cover all bases of the major food groups. But, why don’t we think about improving the nutrient content of everything that we eat by having a healthier version of what we eat. All this requires is to take a step back and analyze each and every item that we consume in daily lives.

Processed Vs. Organic

Innovation in the food industry happens with every passing day. Like it or not, its not going to stop any time soon. Researchers and big food conglomerates are investing heavily to innovate and stay ahead of the competition with new product lines and experiences. I’m not going to advocate against the food industry. I just keep a sharp eye on the quality of my food consumption rather than relying on food labels.

We all know the amounts of processed food that we consume each day which comes with “added nutrients” at some stage of preparation. But what if you could consume food that comes with natural nutrients products as opposed to added nutrition.

Hidden Health Treasures

Mother Nature acts in amazing ways when it comes to locking in natural nutrients that boost your immunity. History is replete with examples where rulers in different eras used to hire medicinal experts (Hakeem) to design specialized menus using local specialized ingredients that would add medicinal advantages along with taste. These healthy food recipes have been passed down from generations. Our research indicates that these natural foods are also a way of cleansing and repairing our bodies from the inside. The effects of aging on our bodies cannot be stopped but anti-aging effect to boost to our cells is definitely encouraging.     

Closing Health Thoughts

John Lennon gave us his infamous song –Imagine, where he inspires us to make each day better than yesterday, Wouldn’t it be better if we could:

  1. Add freshly ground barley and oats to our flour
  2. Reduce our consumption of processed sugars for cold pressed honey
  3. Snack on dried fruits and nuts rather than confectionery items
  4. Hydrate our bodies with natural drinks rather than fizz drinks
  5. use preservative free natural spices and flavors

With these guidelines in mind, I would invite you all to start your journey of well-being with this food for thought, hopefully it will lead you to become a healthier better version of yourself you where you can live life to your full potential.  

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